Slide • Expensive: Priced per annual seat; • Slow:
Cumbersome computational models require extensive runtime;
• Poorly Resolved: Low-resolution global + regional datasets omit critical detail within urban centers;
Probabilistic models describe potential risks, not actual impacts;
• Uncertain:
• River-only: River- (or fluvial-) based models do not accurately describe rain impacts on urban centers. Existing flood models are:

Slide • Better Pricing: * Priced by area, not by seat--buy only what you need; • High Speed: *
HazelFLOOD runs up to 1,000,000 times faster than the market leader;
• Pinpoint Precision: * Analysis down to the half-meter;
Deterministic model describes flood impacts at all levels of projected severity;
• Certainty: *
• Rain-based Analysis: * AI-driven pluvial modeling accurately describes 
rain’s impacts on complex urban environments. * More at FAQ HazelFLOOD provides:

Slide Investors
need better models.

Slide disrupted production, higher operating costs, higher insurance premia, tighter regulatory constraints, and shifting RE markets. Water risks overlooked by investors:

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