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Slide Photo: KIT Professionals HazelFLOOD: 100yr Flood Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant Actual: 100yr Flood Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant

Slide HazelFLOOD [above left] assesses flood risk and inundation depth for a 100-yr flood at the Southwest Waste Water Treatment Plant (Houston, TX). In 2015 [above right], a 100-yr flood inundated the facility and caused $40MM in damages. HazelFLOOD accurately predicts flood depth and can reduce future losses.
Case Study:

Slide Increase your firm’s competitive advantages. Accelerate time to solution, reduce costly change- orders, lower bottom line, and minimize future damages (and litigation).

Slide • Assess multiple planning and design scenarios faster and earlier;
• Derive maximum value at minimum risk for client;
• Expand range of expertise / analytic services in new markets.
• Explore environmental constraints with speed, nuance, agility, and contingencies;
• Reduce dependence on outside consultants;
• Streamline in-house site planning/site design process;
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