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for Use Case by Sector Leverage stormwater management for enhanced water supplies. Build Water Security

Slide South African Water Crisis: Queue to fill water bottles, Cape Town (2018) HazelDRY: Water Security Decision Support Ideal Sites for Infiltration

Slide Dry cities on every continent face periodic water shortages. Groundwater supplies can be recharged through strategic capture of (infrequent but intensive) rain. HazelDRY [above right], a sister software to HazelFLOOD, identifies where it is cheapest and safest to infiltrate stormwater and build clean reliable groundwater supplies in water-stressed cities. Case Study:

Slide Build buffer against the catastrophic impacts of drought. Water scarcity is one of the largest global risks over the next decade.* * World Economic Forum

Slide •Using which recommended best practices, and with what projected costs/benefits? • Where can we leverage green infrastructure investments to achieve multiple water, economic, and social equity benefits? • Where are the precise opportunities to capture and store stormwater, building safe, reliable supply economically?
HazelDRY is designed to answer:

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