We sell the world’s fastest, highest-precision flood risk analytics.


Built by design professionals,
DiviningLAB is solution-driven.

We don’t just estimate risk; we guide solutions.


Deliver the fastest, highest-performing decision-support tools for assessing, reporting, and managing water risks in a climate-resilient world, offering excellent performance and dependable support at reasonable prices.

Our mission:


A well-adapted planet with companies and communities making smart, fast water risk and resilience decisions, on every continent.

Our vision:


Resilience finance is a huge emerging horizon. The insurance sector, in partnership with resilience planners/engineers, the public sector and leading NGOs, will play an increasingly important role in financing and engineering a resilient future everywhere.

Our theory of change:


We are driven by the preservation of possibility for future generations, and a commitment to the dignity, contribution, and full potential of all human beings.

Our values:

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