Slide Hazel FLOOD Sustainable
Corporate Finance
for Use Case by Sector Stress-test your corporate climate risks. Report + Manage Flood Risk

Slide Competition: 100yr Flood Inundation Depth > 12” HazelFLOOD: 100yr Flood Inundation Depth 0 - 120"

Slide A competitor describes a site's flood risk as "greater than 12 inches." On the same site for the same flood event, HazelFLOOD tells you where your company has a four- to ten-foot problem.
Case Study:

Slide * Pentland Analytics, July 2020 Value destruction by flood isn’t just for banks and reinsurers anymore. The world’s largest publically traded companies are vulnerable, too: 12 months after immediate flood losses, reputational damage and disrupted growth cause investors to reassess. On average, shareholder value declines 5%, dwarfing the cost of investing in flood protection.*

Slide • Manage risk proactively; • Prevent physical losses as well as loss in shareholder value.
• Report with confidence in voluntary or mandated re- porting, including ESG compliance; • Rapidly and accurately account for changing levels of risk in purchase/sale agreements;
Use HazelFLOOD to benchmark true climate risk:

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