Slide Hazel FLOOD Cities for Use Case by Sector Increase municipal value while lowering flood risk. Invest Strategically in Urban Resilience

Slide Competition: Critical Infrastructure at Risk 100yr Flood, Depth > 12” HazelFLOOD: Critical Infrastructure at Risk 100yr Flood, Depth > 12”

Slide Competitor's risk assessment [above left] shows 32 out of 244 parcels at risk in a 100-yr flood event. HazelFLOOD [above right] shows the true risk: 225 parcels out of 244 parcels at risk in the same flood event.
Case Study:

Slide Save lives and build value with preemptive risk discovery. A city's physical and fiscal strength depend on smart emergency response, infrastructure repair, and adaptive strategies.* Why does it matter? * Moody’s Investors Service, 2017.

Slide • Prioritize investment in strategic mitigation measures;
• Lower NFIP flood insurance premia with higher CRS scores;
• Reduce municipal liability via early warning and emergency preparedness;
• Strengthen climate-risk related bond ratings;
• Leverage stronger climate-risk bond ratings to finance climate resilience infrastructure. • Protect vulnerable communities; • Safeguard critical infrastructures;
Use HazelFLOOD’s precision to:

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