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for Use Case by Sector Predict and prevent impacts before they occur, at scale. Finance Flood Solutions

Slide photo: NYTimes / Spencer Platt, 2020 Emergency Flood Response HazelFLOOD: Catastrophic Flood Simulation

Slide HazelFLOOD [above right] assesses complex urban watersheds, inside and outside existing designated flood-plain boundaries, to provide pinpoint intelligence for effective mitigation before inundation occurs.
Case Study:

Slide Finance resilience solutions for vulnerable people and property. HazelFLOOD provides actionable intel for strategic deployment of limited municipal resources.

Slide • Deploy temporary or short-term emergency response;
• Leverage investment in green infrastructures for multiple economic, ecological, and social equity benefits;
• Attract strategic investors and partners.
• Safeguard vulnerable communities and landscapes;
• Prioritize critical infrastructures;
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