Hazel PRODUCTS DRY HazelDRY is solution-driven. The world’s highest resolution groundwater recharge models for accelerating resilience decision-making in water-stressed cities, worldwide.

HazelFLOOD_catastrophic_urban_flood_Houston HazelDRY rapidly analyzes urban watersheds identifying thousands of strategic, targeted opportunities for decentralized low-carbon green
infrastructure, giving decision-makers early-stage cost-benefit feedback.

Slide HazelDRY’s soil data analytics deliver hydraulic conductivity results within 3% of borehole lab results. Precision
Save thousands for every borehole you don't need.

Slide HazelDRY users arrive at confident solutions earlier in the design process, saving time and money.

Increase value and competitive advantages.

Slide 0.65m Resolutions down to: 10000x more resolved than competition

Where groundwater recharge is not an option, HazelDRY identifies a multi-tiered strategy for above-grade capture, containment, and distribution, along with cost / benefit analysis.

Slide HazelDRY takes the guesswork out of a massively decentralized, low-carbon approach to groundwater recharge, integrating water supply goals with water quality, climate adaptation, economic development, and social equity goals for a renewed and adaptive public realm.

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