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Real Estate
for Use Case by Sector Locate current and future flood vulnerabilities within real estate portfolios. Stress Test Your Assets

Slide HazelFLOOD 500yr Flood Bellaire, TX Actual: 500yr Flood Bellaire, TX (Aug. 28, 2017)

Slide HazelFLOOD and competitor simulated a 500-yr flood event on a Houston retail center [above left]. Actual 500-yr data validates Hazel within a fraction of an inch [above right].
Case Study:

Slide Understand your risks. If you owned or managed these commercial properties, you’d allocate appropriate resources for flood defense measures at Location A, knowing that Location B is essentially safe in a 500- year storm.

HazelFLOOD differentiates vulnerabilities.
Why does it matter?

Slide • Assess risks posed by adjacent properties (e.g, run off from the neighbor’s new parking lot); • Locate flood vulnerabilities on a specific property, or across a portfolio of properties;
• Identify location, size of appropriate mitigation measures; • Optimize investment in flood-proofing and emergency preparedness;
• Right-size your basic or supplemental insurance policies. Use HazelFLOOD to:

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