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Prepare and price innovative risk transfer solutions in emerging markets.

Finance Resilience in New Markets

Slide Global Flood Threat Flooding, Informal Settlement Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa (2020) Data: NASA Photo: Phando Jikelo, ANA


Globally, catastrophic urban floods disproportionately affect communities, landscapes, and economies in regions without developed insurance markets.

Case Study:


Build flood resilience where the risks are greatest.

in these huge emerging markets will require innovative new partnerships between insurers/reinsurers, NGOs, governments, and A/E/C.

Financing and engineering resilience


• Tie risk and recovery financing to nature-based solutions;

• Offer new products based on flood resilience improvements.

• Finance the delivery of infrastructures tied to insurance products;

• Pressure-test cities and regions, digitally, to optimize investment in both green and grey flood infrastructures;

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