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Create competitive advantages in both hard and soft markets.

Eliminate Mispriced Risk


Competition: 10m resolution, 500yr Flood

Houston, TX

HazelFlood: 0.5m resolution, 500yr Flood

Houston, TX


A competitor [above left] modelled two residential addresses exposed to a 500-yr flood event. HazelFLOOD [above right] modelled the same addresses exposed to the same flood event. Using FEMA $/inch damage estimates, the contrast is stark: a difference of $522,000 on one property, and $345,000 on the other.

Case Study:


Better modelling results in more competitive pricing.

Why does it matter?

For brokers, carriers, reinsurers, and property owners, accurately priced flood risk will activate a $40B coverage gap in the US alone.


• Generate volume:

Establish precise pay-out trigger thresholds for new parametric (supplemental) flood policies;

• Price competitively:

Identify mispriced risk (within or outside FEMA flood plain boundaries);

• Settle rapidly:

Make fair, rapid claims adjustments across a broad spectrum of flood events;

• Contest fraud;

• Bolster data capabilities:

Improve analytics pre-event and recalibrate tools post-event.

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