Protecting Low-Income Communities Through Climate Insurance: InsuResilience Investment Fund


"Poor and vulnerable people in developing countries are hit hardest by climate change, whilst being least prepared to cope with its consequences. Climate risk financing and insurance is an effective and reliable way to reduce the vulnerabilities of individuals to climate shocks, enabling them to better absorb and recover from the financial burden of extreme weather events."

"The InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) was launched in 2015 with a mission to improve access to insurance for poor and vulnerable households as well as micro, small and medium enterprises in developing countries to reduce their vulnerability to climate change. As the IIF has now reached the halfway point in its lifetime, this report takes stock of its achievements and shares valuable lessons from its first six years of operation. Since its inception, the IIF has successfully established a unique structure that has delivered important results. As of September 2020, the Fund has invested USD 133 million in 21 investee companies based in 14 countries."

"Thanks to their collective endeavours, 25 million people in 25 different countries now benefit from the protection offered by climate insurance and related risk transfer products and services. Working with a diverse range of investees across different country contexts, IIF has built considerable expertise on how best to identify and close transactions in the complex, emerging field of climate insurance for developing countries." - InsuResilience Investment Fund Report, in association with Acclimatise (Willis Towers Watson) and Climate Finance Advisors